Foreign Traveling

After I graduated High School I decided to do some foreign traveling.  I took some AP tests and passed them so I decided this was my reward.  Thinking of reward was actually silly as I didn’t do any prep work before the tests.  If I remember correctly I passed in English, World History, American History, and Algebra.  Three semester credits each.  15 being a semester and I had 12.  Taking the tests was a fluke.  A high school teacher who knew me well (and Swanson) let me know my history and English teachers had told her it was a waste of time for everybody involved for me to take the tests.  My counselor knew that pissing me off would be the motivation I needed.  The teachers said I would get A’s (which I wasn’t getting) if I passed the tests.  They thought it great sport.  I thought they were assholes.  The counselor worried because I didn’t study.  I told her you either knew the shit or didn’t and she agreed.

I didn’t apply to University – Lennie and I had our hearts set for moving to San Francisco when I got back from Europe. We both took a year off from school – he traveled around in Western United States and me in Europe. The trip to Europe began in August. We knew little of where we were going and it was fine.

One more thing before the plane took off.  I had a brilliant principal at the High School by the name of Church.  We talked (both of us) and even when the students had protested the Vietnam War he went to bat for us with the School Board.  And whenever we could we had his back.

My parents threw a big party for us travelers before we left.  Most of the people were mine and they were close to a hundred.

I went to Europe with Ron and Kelly with little plans and little money.  We touched down at Heathrow and slowly made our way south.  From Dover we took a Hydro Ferry to France. We took a train to Paris and stayed for many days.  On one of those days we met that odd par of travelers, Roger and Prakash and the trip changed.

Foreign Traveling


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