Working Together

It was a different time back then and we did much working together.  All these millions and billions later our bridges are unsafe, our roads are full of potholes.  Fifty years ago, it had largely dissipated but we still were working together.  The extremes might call those that didn’t agree with them treasonous there was no such ting as working together. The vast majority in Culver City found satisfactory ways of working together.  Those that I was aligned with believed the voters that supported young men fighting in jungles and several dying, with much more being maimed both physically and mentally, were wrong just wrong supporting a hocus pocus political theory like the domino.  A nation’s people were badly damaged defending their homeland and we messed up so many of our own. It is so easy to send troops to war-  just don’t be one of them (eh, Donald?), and have no conscience for what you did and lie to yourself and to the people.

At first it was dangerous to oppose the war when so many supported.  But as time went on and the wounded started coming home and the caskets, those that had believed in the politicians started to think for themselves and the patriotic thing to do was to support the lives of the Vietnamese (eventually close to two million lost) and our own American boys.  Dying to suppress another has never been a good thing.

Eventually the people were working together and we didn’t want to go to war.  We wanted to stop insecticide spraying down from the planes onto the backs of the farmworkers and other good things occurred.  Unfortunately, in every age bad things happen to the poor or disable or deformed or different or those easy to take advantage of.  In this age the Donald being horrible has shown us once again how rewarding it can be by our working together.

Working Together


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