I don’t know why but sexy women often women were often attracted to me.  This was not a boast especially since that attraction was mostly short-lived.   Hence, especially in my earlier days there were` many women in my life.  I think the attraction was due, in at last in part, because I admired women.  When I saw what I decided was an attractive woman my look told her that I appreciated her without the sexual hunger most men exude.  It didn’t mean I was a chaste monk but that the attraction had to be felt on both sides and I didn’t push my partner.

Once they got to know me often their interest was short-lived.  I suppose that at least in part it was a reaction to my own short interest.  I was interested in books mostly, with a dash of science.  I don’t say it was good or special only that few people, including women I dated, had the same interests as mine. And what that attracted me to others and others to me after discovery, tore us apart.  But not vicious.  I felt it wasn’t vicious except for my first wife that secretly slept with a joint friend before she unexpectedly moved out.  Well, that is jumping ahead several years and there was lot to report before we come to that time in my life I found particularly distasteful.

Since I brought up the subject of wives I was attracted to my second wife for not only that initial romance but for many years after.  Our interests are different (except for politics) but there is a comfort in knowing some one for so many years.  So much history.  It is not surprising to me that marriages often last so long and a marriage not going all the way is a very sad circumstance – such as mine.


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I've published an E-book (Neurotic Man), a hard copy book, (Dworb), produced movies (Woman of the Port and Liberty and Bash), and worked as a writer for Demand Media writing those ehow tidbits you've most undoubtedly seen. For many years I wrote business and marketing plans for service, retail and manufacturing businesses. Along the way I've also prepared tax returns, taught accounting, been a business start-up consultant, licensed arbiter, federal analyst, busboy, waiter, safety clerk, lighting salesman, restaurant manager, parking lot attendant, construction foreman, and cook.
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