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I’ve been writing Pulpdiddys Permutations many years now and several weeks ago felt it was time for a change.  The change is not because I am burnt out but because the nasty stories which is our current history has caused me to shy away from writing.  Frankly, it’s too ugly.  I still am a news junkie and when reading it still have my peculiar take of it.  The battle to stay afloat amongst the vast majority of the constituency, especially in a world in which the wonders are so great that we all can benefit, is a battle which depresses me because it should not be.  What we should be doing is focusing on worldwide problems first, like Climate Change, instead of pretending they don’t exist.

Basically, the old format has been this – Monday – Sunday writing about politics or social issues or economics except for Wednesday which I reserved for Neurotic Man, and Friday, which was Thursday repeated, and Sunday which was an explanation of the purpose of the column.  But I realize I’ve had it, I’m pulling a Duran.  So Neurotic Man will be taking a rest and the rest of the format will remain the same in which I write my memoirs.

While rare instances of man helping man remains, the rise of so much cynicism and jealousy and greed have forced me to re-examine the past, starting with my own.  Where did the dreams of fairness and democracy start, and where did they all go?

I know this is simplistic but we all began somewhere and mostly it is different.  While all stories can be similar, essentially, they are the same.  Well, for my story it all began in the city of New York, Borough of Brooklyn, Section of Brighton in the apartment of my loving family that will be re-examined for fun and maybe a few truths along the way.  And if it doesn’t work out for either of us there’s always the possibility of the return of Neurotic Man.



During the last ten weeks my chronic back pain has slightly lessened and I am now but a sixty-four-year-old man bent into a re-examination of the sidewalk.  I still read a lot but my revulsion with much of the news I read continues to grow and has become white hot anger so I must put the memoir aside and focus once again on the inhumanity I see performed by those supposedly elected to be servants of the people.  The sad, sad, thing is that they are not supposed to be despots. With what that horrible group has done and continues to do has helped me decide Pulpdiddys Permutations will re-appear with my take on the news at least for a little while.  And then my itch to get back to the memoirs must, well it must be scratched.

Christmas has just passed and so has New Year’s but the reason for them has not and that is to be good to each other – for all time.


Here we are again, back to the memoir, talking about the past, which seems as current as the present, at least for me.  It is narcissism, my telling my story. But with every contact with someone in my past comes a hint from what the future might bring.  Thank you for allowing me this time and for me to tell my story.

Pulpdiddys Permutations

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I've published an E-book (Neurotic Man), a hard copy book, (Dworb), produced movies (Woman of the Port and Liberty and Bash), and worked as a writer for Demand Media writing those ehow tidbits you've most undoubtedly seen. For many years I wrote business and marketing plans for service, retail and manufacturing businesses. Along the way I've also prepared tax returns, taught accounting, been a business start-up consultant, licensed arbiter, federal analyst, busboy, waiter, safety clerk, lighting salesman, restaurant manager, parking lot attendant, construction foreman, and cook.
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