Putting a Dent in the Thirty-Three

The Donald’s popularity stays around Thirty-Three percent no matter what is reported.  It’s quite possible that the new book about him and his friends might cause some movement in that percentage.  The Donald and his ilk have focused their attacks on the TV media which is also the Donald’s favorite.  It is possible that some of the Thirty-Three percent regard books with greater veracity than TV.  If so, one of the great questions of our time has been answered – what does it take to affect the Donald’s popularity.  For the rest of the population the question has previously been answered – political competence and fairness for the people is in short supply in this White House.  Normally, the end of a term brings its own fragility.  This book is another format of what we have heard all along, how incompetent and deranged this Administration, following Donald’s lead, truly is.

“Mr. Bannon is quoted in the book saying things that other advisers have said confidentially for months — that the president is stunningly undisciplined with no patience or interest in learning and driven by intemperate, sometimes absurd motivations. At one point, Mr. Bannon describes Mr. Trump acting “like a 9-year-old,” an observation that has power not because it was unique to those who worked for the president but because it is now on the record in Mr. Bannon’s name.

The phenomenon is so universal that it is a wonder any White House is surprised anymore when someone who sat in the next chair during staff meetings in the Roosevelt Room one day becomes the next day’s featured character in the window of Washington bookstores like Kramerbooks or Politics and Prose.

Indeed, Mr. Trump, of all presidents, should know what to expect given his predilection for making employees sign nondisclosure agreements, a practice he brought from the private sector to his 2016 campaign and the subsequent presidential transition.”  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/05/us/politics/trump-fire-fury-book-loyalty.html


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