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Wyomingans are obviously better citizens than Californians, at least they are in an imperfect democracy.  Something that should be admitted by those deniers.  There are less than 600,000 citizens in Wyoming and they have two Senators and one Representative.  Californians have two Senators for over 38,000,000 citizens and a Representative for every 700,000 plus citizens.

Of course in our imperfect democracy there are mandates – two Senators per State and a total of 435 Representatives apportioned proportionally except that each state must have a minimum of one Representative per State.

There’s no way the Founding Fathers could have envisioned the population explosion in California or the dearth of population in Wyoming. Neither State existed in any of their lifetime.

A strict Constitutionalist is part idiot and part agoraphobic.  Their time alone obviously has done them no good.   Strict most anything is kind of weird because lots goes on in a couple of hundred years.  To hold some things to no change over centuries denies seeing people, no matter how great, making effective decisions without all the data.

“What is certain is that the power of the smaller states is large and growing. Political scientists call it a striking exception to the democratic principle of “one person, one vote.” Indeed, they say, the Senate may be the least democratic legislative chamber in any developed nation.”


“The threat of the filibuster in the Senate, which has become far more common than in past decades, plays a role, too. Research by two political scientists, Lauren C. Bell and L. Marvin Overby, has found that small-state senators, often in leadership positions, have amplified their power by using the filibuster more often than their large-state counterparts.”

“And that doesn’t take into account the dynamics that influence whether someone chooses to run in the first place. “There are a lot of decisions that are made before you even see someone’s name on a ballot,” Brenda Choresi Carter, the director of the Reflective Democracy Campaign, says. Cracking the network of donors, influential allies, supportive labor unions, and pacs is daunting to any political aspirant. It is far more so to groups that are already underrepresented. Carter adds that when the parties recruit candidates at the local level they “pull from within their own network. If those networks are male-dominated or white, they essentially end up with people who kind of look like them.” For women, that skew is often compounded by issues of childcare and the work-life balance.”


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