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Congratulations to us for getting through another year of the schizoid stew containing half-lies, full lies, deception, justification, and greed which comprises the cauldron on our nation’s stove.  Alongside the cauldron sits the platter that has a selection of hate and bigotry and misogyny spicing up the stew.  Yet somehow with all the greed that acts as a manure for our leaders and helps them flourish there’s the vast amount of good which sums up the totality.  Most people are good.  Unfortunately, it is those who are fond of politics and see the allure of misusing the rest of us that the vast majority does not see.  We are good, we mean to be good, we are overstressed when we try to get through our day.  For it to be a good day.

While we are drowning in all this muck we can see the good and can laugh and once again try to believe in the good and something we can believe in.  And to all the good I say Happy New Year’s Day!

In the simplest terms, the Democrats have been on their asses since FDR (a bit of Truman sprinkled in) and the Republicans have taken advantage to support their core group, the upper class.  The Democrats lament their failures by refusing to see each day is a new day full of its own accomplishment, and the Republicans just can’t get over their Daddy complex.  And quite simply the vast majority pays for it all, they get the big shaft when all they want to do is share.  It’s rotten, rotten to the bone, and fool that I am I hope, just hope it can get better for all of us.

Thomas Frank has a new book coming out and I hope it has, in addition to a few more questions, the shade of an answer or two.

“Indeed, they have scarcely dented the free-market consensus at all. This is not for lack of opportunity: Democrats have occupied the White House for sixteen of the last twenty-four years, and yet the decline of the middle class has only accelerated. Wall Street gets its bailouts, wages go nowhere, and the free-trade deals keep coming.

The standard explanation for the Democrats’ failure are the rise of the right, which is supposed to be in league with the devil, and the way money-in-politics works its ugly will. I have described both of these in previous books. But as explanations for the Democrats’ failure they are ultimately inadequate, as is the favorite pundit theory that our Federal government is simply incapable of making big, sweeping turns.”

As for me:

Schizoid Stew

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