Mucking up Deal Making

This President like all Businessmen/Politicians, has boasted how skillful he is at deal making.  There is of course, the basic of running a country versus running a business different and unique.  Business deals operate with the threat of reneging.  One of the major tools is bankruptcy.  This is a tool countries cannot successfully use.   Using threats is the kind of businessman Trump is.  Understanding the position of all sides is the kind of businessman Trump isn’t.  So, thinking he can throw a few trinkets to the Arab world while giving the Israeli’s Jerusalem is not understanding everyone’s position.  Prior President’s understood this and in theory said Jerusalem was part of Israel without moving into it.  And the crisis was averted without doing anything tangible but then comes Trump…

“Donald Trump loves the word ‘‘deal.’’ The book he released with a co-writer in 1987 to summarize his views of the world was called, of course, ‘‘The Art of the Deal.’’ His view of trade with China is summarized in this quotation from his speech announcing his candidacy for president: ‘‘When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, China, in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the time.’’ When asked last fall how he, as president, would guarantee health care for the uninsured, he answered, ‘‘I would make a deal.’’ He plans to make a deal with pharmaceutical companies to lower prices, make a deal with hospitals to treat the uninsured. On immigration, of course, he promises the greatest deal of all time, one that would compel Mexico to pay for a wall along its border with the United States.

I have spent much of the past few months trying to make sense of Trump’s policy proposals. His website lists his major priorities as, in order: health care reform, China-United States trade agreements, Veterans Affairs reform, tax reform, gun rights and immigration reform. There are no other issues addressed at length. It’s a puzzling mix. Any serious economic proposal to ‘‘make America great again’’ would surely mention education, fiscal policy, entrepreneurship and trade with the entire world, not just China — issues he makes little or no reference to. No doubt Trump’s list of priorities reflects the issues that he and his advisers perceive, probably correctly, to be red meat for Republican primary voters. But tellingly, it’s also a set of issues for which the ‘‘deal’’ — that is, Trump’s unique ability to make deals — can be presented as his crucial promise.”

Deal Making

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