Healing After Abuse

Yesterday I discussed the actual act of abuse. Sometime after the act it is vital to support healing.  What did Moore do?  He attacked the women who have shown signs of their trauma.  This includes acceptance that the act happened, and apology that the act happened.  What separates the Roy Moore case from one that might lead to some healing is that Moore denies the act happened, in fact, that he ever knew the women and instead of apology has gone on the attack against those women who have accused him.  This abuse is an open wound – Moore is not doing anything positive for all the women that have accused him – for all the women facing their abusers.

Can you get any more disgusting?  Maybe you can be more disgusting if the abused women who are not women yet and instead are still children.  (That also happened in this case.)  And the thing about yourself that you should consider is that by supporting Moore you are supporting abuse.

“If Republican candidate Roy Moore wins the upcoming Senate election in Alabama, more women and children will be abused, because sexual predators will feel more supported, powerful and emboldened to exploit and attack more women and children.

If Roy Moore wins, more women and children would be abused by predators because the election would punish courageous women who took the risk to reveal abuse in the hope that other women and children might not endure similar abuse.

One of the reasons we are surprised by the shocking number of abuse cases being revealed is that we underestimated the degree that women felt pressure to not report abuse, which is understandable but tragic.”


“A great tragedy and scandal of a Moore victory would be that women in danger of being abused today would witness voters of Alabama honoring, supporting and rewarding the man accused of abuse of women and children with a seat in the United States Senate.

If Moore is elected, the voters in Alabama would give credibility and power to a man who labels the women with the courage to speak out as liars and frauds. In Moore’s version of events, every one of these women is lying!”   http://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/361342-if-roy-moore-wins-more-women-children-will-be-abused



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