How can the issue of abuse be dismissed in the election of Alabama?  In addition, the Republican Senatorial candidate has lied about knowing these women.  He keeps on saying he doesn’t know them but he wrote to them, signed yearbooks and cards for them – he demonstrated acts of knowledge.

This of course shows the Senatorial candidate is an abuser and liar.  Senators without morals may not be unusual but we can’t afford such a mixed-up ethically inept Senator.

The press doing its normally inept job at putting down the hammer hasn’t made it clear that most of these women are Republicans and shar Moore’s values (except for the abusing and lying parts, of course).

“Multiple women who came forward at great personal risk to accuse Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of molesting or pursuing them as teenagers found themselves the brunt of politicized attacks — from Moore, from the public, and even from the president of the United States. Yet despite Moore’s claims that his women accusers are all “liars,” more evidence has just emerged confirming that Roy Moore had relationships with teenage girls while he was an adult in his 30s.

Today in the Washington Post, Debbie Wesson Gibson — who in November told the Post that she and Moore had dated for several months in 1981 when she was 17 and he was 34 — revealed a high school graduation card she received from Roy Moore, which she had found in a storage bin in her attic.” https://www.salon.com/2017/12/04/despite-roy-moores-denials-more-evidence-emerges-of-moores-relationship-with-a-17-year-old/

Shame on him and shame on any supporter of this evil little man.


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