Lennie, Part Two

I’ve shown that in a very incurious way Lenny was curious about how people would react, like when he sat on one of the mailboxes at school and claimed it was his egg and that mailing a letter would crack his egg.  He’d kick out at people trying to mail a letter until I came by at the end of the day to meet Lennie so that we could go home.  Lennie and I had the same class schedule, my schedule, because he found it easiest to get to school that way.  And I think this showed Lennie – more than being lazy (he never did any homework) he was lost, he didn’t know what he wanted to do.

He experimented all the time but sometimes the experiment was too great for him.  Lennie and our friend Kim decided they wanted to go to Nevada to pay for the services of prostitutes. The boys were both virgins.  They took my car, went to Nevada and Kim went off to a room with one of the ladies.  Lennie looked around and blurted “I forgot to put money in the meter!” and dashed outside.  Of course, there were no meters.

After that first year we were barely speaking as he must have thought me dull and as for me – I was tired of his experiments, like dropping his baby boa constrictor on my back when I lay down.  But the greatest difference was though we were a few years removed from the Summer of Love for the kids in the City it never ended and Lennie was into drugs and I was not.  He became a Postman, handling the counter, and he dated his cousin and he tried heroin, and died.  Exasperating as he was, he is someone I sorely miss and if there is anyplace as described in any of the religious text, I pray the best for him.


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