Growing in Several Different Ways

So there I was in Culver City Growing in Several Different Ways.  I lived in Culver City for three years, my high school years at my parents house they hoped to buy one day.  My mom was much keener on that idea than my Dad but he certainly went along with the possibility.  I talked to my little brother seriously on a regular basis for the first time.  We shared a room but no more bunk beds.  My6 sister and I talked some but I had done some damage to that pure little girl who just wanted to be loved and who got a narcistic bastard of an older brother instead.  My mom and Dad worried about money most of the time and I helped out when I could.  I soon discovered that my Dad considered my earnings at the restaurant, his.  This was another clue that money matters weren’t good.  I didn’t care much about money so giving this away and be quiet about it was easy.  Over the years Mom got a new refrigerator and washer and garage door paid with my accumulated savings.  The only time it hurt was when I had a specific use for the money, like when I was preparing for my European trip.  The restaurant had incorporated some years ago and I had some savings and Dad used my money to buy one hundred shares.  When I was planning an after High School graduation trip to Europe and asked my Dad to sell the stock I found that it was gone.  All gone.  I discovered some of Dad’s money woes was self-inflicted as he was a compulsive gambler.

I was focused on Chavez and on the War as we were still in Vietnam and on Economics.  It was an old refrain but the rich got richer but not the poor – and middle-class families found that in an increasing number the family unit depended on more than one wage earner. There were some of us that lived in mansions and others who lived on the streets.  Some who gorged themselves on the latest foods and some of us who went to bed hungry.  Some of us with health who went to a doctor for plastic surgery and others who couldn’t afford a doctor to help them fight disease.  Some who warmed a twenty-room mansion for two and others who shivered all winter long.  This lack of sharing of profit pissed me off and that anger with the super-rich remains to this day.  After all, how could you knowingly spend to an excess when there were people starving?  Children starving?

Growing in Several Different Ways

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I’ve published an E-book (Neurotic Man), a hard copy book, (Dworb), produced movies (Woman of the Port and Liberty and Bash), and worked as a writer for Demand Media writing those ehow tidbits you’ve most undoubtedly seen. For many years I wrote business and marketing plans for service, retail and manufacturing businesses. Along the way I’ve also prepared tax returns, taught accounting, been a business start-up consultant, licensed arbiter, federal analyst, busboy, waiter, safety clerk, lighting salesman, restaurant manager, parking lot attendant, construction foreman, and cook.

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