Mark Twain Junior High

It was lunchtime at Mark Twain Junior High School.  I had a bench with Rex and Sander and James.  I watched as the cliques formed, the college bound (which I found out surprisingly was half Jewish), the auto mechanics and plumbers, and the third group, with those that might drop out before this year was up.  At the bell I had hurried to the food court to buy my lunch before I got hassled for my money by some of the third group.  A percentage, somewhere in the teens, of the school was black.  Black people did not reside in Brighton Beach so this was something new.  I talked to a few of the kids and they seemed just like any other kids.

In seventh grade I was reading at a college level and the second school year I was named President of the academic society, the Athenians.  I think it was an attempt at a cruel joke as the other students didn’t speak to me.

Eighth grade was a year of discovery.  I discovered that I could hide my true feelings because some of the thugs at school became pals would me while I loathed them.  They operated by creating fear in others and I considered that reprehensible.  I also discovered that one could feel sexual desire.  The landlord’s wife came to collect rent and she always dressed sexy at such times.  For the first time in my life I felt a sexual attraction.  I also loathed her because she gave Mom a hard time when she collected the rent.  Sometimes we didn’t have it.  I discovered politics.  I volunteered to help Bobby Kennedy when he ran for President.  I discovered how tremendous my Dad could be when he disagreed with me politically but would hear out my position.  And I learned how terrible war could be, like the Vietnam War, how terrible bigotry was, and how desperate one could be when poor.

Mark Twain Junior High

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