Suntan Blues

It was a two bedroom in Mar Vista but I was out much of the time getting a suntan.  I just couldn’t cope with all this change and got some rays.  Though I didn’t realize it at the time the grubbiness of Brighton was associated with home including my place in it.  I instinctively knew when to burrow when burrowing was required.  There was a muddle and PS 253 was slow at sending my records and Mom argued with the school staff of their placement.  The school system in Los Angeles operated on a Track system and they were considering dropping me from the top (college bound) to the middle (may be college bound but it was junior college).  I was freaking out – even with the move I received straight A’s that first semester which was obviously not good enough. One of about 5 or 6 to do so yet it wasn’t good enough.

I had to be careful to not allow my disdain for the school but give me a break!  Mom convinced them to give me an IQ test before they dropped me.  I think the test in those days was administered over three days and after all that testing there was no more talk of dropping me a level.  Mom wouldn’t tell me the score (if she knew) but after much whining and continual asking she realized I wouldn’t let go so she told me it was the highest score they ever received in that school.  Mom trusted me to no let it go to my head.

She needn’t worry – I was too freaked out by all that was strange to be affected by a score.  My best friend was Sander – an underachieving kid who seemed like he was on drugs half the time and was the son of one of the richest men in Mar Vista, a plumber with his own retail shop and several plumbers working for him.  His older sister was Nancy, a blonde goddess of Scandinavian ancestry who treated me as a worm in her backyard.

Sander and I were always walking and laughing.  My second-best friend was Rex, a Vietnamese kid with a Texas drawl and James, a backwoodsman in the middle of Los Angeles.  We had one thing in common, we were the outcasts, as not in as you possibly could be.


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