Awards for The Young

The New York School System in its Brighton Branch was highly competitive and there were awards.  I can’t imagine today such a competition in a Public School.  As I stroll about today it seems like every parent has a bumper-sticker lauding the efforts of his or her charges.  But in New York the awards were minimal and fought over.  At the end of the sixth grade Dean and I were both awarded the General Excellence medal but I one upped him by also winning the Science Medal and Citizenship Award.  It was also confirmed that the program of skipping Grades for me had been approved.  That summer I stayed out till late almost every day as it was especially hot and humid and as I had also said there was something up with the parents until…

One day in the afternoon Mom and Dad got us three kids together to say we were moving to California.  Dad lugged upstairs a big steamer trunk which we would fill with our possessions and ship ahead. If it was going with us it had to fit in the trunk.  We were leaving in a week and the plan was our Uncle Bernie (Mom’s younger brother who evolved into a Zen Roshi) and his family would be nearby.  Moving to California seemed like a terrifying thing to do.


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