Changing of the World

When there was a changing of the world I was still a child.  Precocious perhaps.  With some promise, perhaps.  But when there was a changing in the world that day my immature brain was incapable of processing.  Many, many, years before 9-11* and the horror it introduced to us especially the poor souls lost in the carnage, there was this changing of the world.  It may seem a much smaller thing, one man dying instead of many, but he was a symbol, whether right or wrong, of promise that has culminated poorly in the Donald.

Back in those days a plane full of people not desiring to be so being flown into a building because of a handful of delusional individuals had not yet happened.  What we were experiencing, for the African and European, Asian and Latin and all the Ethnicity in this great land a minority who was suppressed and denigrated rising in voice that said no more!  It was a sad and beautiful thing happening and today it still lives on but when I was that little boy so full of himself there was a President who could humanly feel, supposedly an easy task yet which had become surprisingly hard.  It is not that the group psyche was nicer back in those days making it easier (just ask almost any black man or woman or their ancestors).   Little Richie, one of the brightening potential stars in his immediate family found himself hurting as he learned about human suffering.

He was of the right tribe to do so – the Jews persecuted for thousands of years had just recently faced a madman and his supporters who prized themselves more than any other that shared the human condition.  So, one day on what seemed a typical day the speaker came on and the principal told all his charges to go home early.  And on that puzzling day, especially during the walk home he found men and women crying in the streets, hugging each other yet gaining no solace and he knew something had happened, something terrible that only his parents could explain.

Yes, any loss of life is a very, very sad thing and when it is by another it is a terrible thing.  Loss of life of one of our brothers is another cut on our soul. But for me, ashamed as I am today after all we have been through to look at a starting point, at least for man’s new dream of Democracy and fairness, on that day we were struck a mighty blow.

Changing of the World

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