Uber Wars

It is hard for me to hear even faint praise for Uber.  This is a company that misleads potential workers with pay possibilities who when that pay is not met blame the workers as if they were slackers.  I know enough about accounting to believe workers for Uber, especially if they have any sort of life, will barely escape poverty.  Holding up a golden rainbow that can’t be reached is not my kind of company.  Arianna and her type talk about the wonders of Uber but forget that important ingredient – the worker – and what it does to workers. These wonder companies like Amazon and Uber trade the allure of the company for the slavery that they offer.


“Could all of Uber’s problems over the last year have been avoided if Travis Kalanick had slept more?

Maybe not, but Arianna Huffington, speaking at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington D.C. Tuesday morning, says the company’s founder and former chief—who still serves on the ride-hailing start-up’s board—didn’t do Uber any favors by running his company “on empty”. When the media pioneer-turned-CEO of corporate wellness company Thrive Global joined the Uber board in April 2016, she sensed burnout. She was ready to roll out, pro bono, wellness programs for the hot Silicon Valley start-up when it became engulfed in crisis less than a year later.

With the benefit of hindsight, the board should have moved faster to address the company’s ticking time bomb of a culture, fueled by overwork (including too little sleep) and a growth-at-all costs mentality.

Uber’s “cultural values had become weaponized,” said Huffington, who notes the expectation that the start-up’s employees were “always on,” was especially ridiculous. “It’s giving people permission to operate at their worst,” said Huffington, a sleep evangelist since suffering her own bout of burnout in 2007.”  http://fortune.com/2017/10/10/arianna-huffington-on-uber-we-should-have-moved-faster/

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