Neurotic Man Gives It All He Has

Before the day is through this Neurotic Man will be a winner!  The club I belong to is having a swim contest for people in my category.  I won’t bore you with my problems (category), besides, I’m not a whiner.  I went to everyone I know eligible for my category and whined them out of the competition.  Before I get in the pool I feel the inner smirk because no one is ready to join the race but me.  The race starts and I am way ahead since I am the only one swimming.  My mate, Jamaican Bob was pool side cheering me on.  In a moment of exuberance Bob flings an object in the pool ahead of me.  It’s my rubber ducky!  The waves from my dog paddling is keeping the duckie ahead of me.  The finish line looms up – I am exhausted but make one final lunge to the finish line but the rubber duckie gets there first.  Oh well, second is pretty good. And we’ve kept it all in my family.  Next year Bob and the duckie stay home and study about rubber duckies.

Neurotic Man

“Sculptor Peter Ganine created a sculpture of a duck in the 1940s, then patented it and reproduced it as a floating toy, of which over 50,000,000 were sold.[3]

Ernie, a popular Muppet from the television series Sesame Street, performed the song “Rubber Duckie.” Ernie frequently spoke to his duck and carried it with him in other segments of the show. On a special occasion, Little Richard performed the song.[4]

C.W. McCall‘s hit song “Convoy” (and the movie and novel it inspired) are narrated from the viewpoint of a character who replaced the bulldog hood ornament on his Mack truck with a bathtub toy and used the on-air handle of “Rubber Duck”.Besides the ubiquitous yellow rubber duck with which most people are familiar, there have been numerous novelty variations on the basic theme, including character ducks representing professions, politicians, or licensed individual celebrities. There are also ducks that glow in the dark, change color, have interior LED illumination, or include a wind-up engine that enables them to “swim”. In 2001, The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper reported that Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber duck in her bathroom that wears an inflatable crown. The duck was spotted by a workman who was repainting her bathroom.[5] The story prompted sales of rubber ducks in the United Kingdom to increase by 80% for a short period.”

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