Second Rape

It is as if it were a second rape and it is absurd and quite disgusting how some people believe that rape by a man against a woman is not an attack, at least not a serious one and that the woman or man is to blame or at least shares responsibility with the perpetrator.  All residual effects of the attack felt by the person attacked and brutalized from ongoing physical and mental therapy to pregnancy, according to these misogynists, is to be shouldered by the woman alone.  Somehow in this vile world view the woman who was attacked and sexually violated and finds herself pregnant is told that she must not end the birthing process.  The victim is ultimately torn by the love for her child and the constant reminder of how that child came to fruition.

Of course pregnancy is just one of the possible results of a rape.  In all cases the consequences, no matter what they misogynists might claim, were not asked for and are unwelcome by the victim.

“Even with the recent increased sensitivity on other issues such as on same sex couples and marriage, on homosexuality in the military, and on bi-racial and multi-racial couples, rape is still treated with the most brusqueness.   We should be reminded at this time of the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address that anyone who fits into any of the aforementioned has the rights of any of us and anyone trying to take that away from them is being without the high standards we should conduct ourselves.  This of course requires sensitivity as our society as a whole is still coming to grips with applying equality.

But rape is special.  Some of our fellow citizens, even some courts in our land do not see it as a serious crime (if they see it as a crime at all).

There remains much ignorance about rape and about the attempts to help the victim.  Some do not see the reason for punishing the offender and also to find ways to raise the public’s consciousness about this issue.  Hopefully raising the public’s consciousness will help lessen the frequency of the crime.  Political activism by various groups will help to continue raise awareness but we are still dealing with many crimes of this nature.  Please see statistics pertaining to rape at the RAINN website –

As is the norm in our nation’s history much leadership and understanding has been provided out our college campuses.

Second Rape


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