Neurotic Man Tries To Join Bob Mueller’s Team

This Neurotic Man and Bob Mueller go way back – I read about him a long time ago though I forget what any of the articles said.  My interest in joining his team is focused on one thing – I figure it would be a great way to attract chicks.  Think about it – is there anything hotter in the news than his team’s investigation?  The other things hot in the news are tragedies and that’s no way to go after the ladies with so many sad, sad, stories.  No, I’ll make my contributions to all those causes but I’ll keep my contributions quiet.

If I get on the team I’ll be all set.  All those liberal elite ladies will be salivating and I’m sure most if not all the team will be hound dogs.  That’s what makes a lawyer great anyway, all that anger in not getting or keeping the ladies.  As for women members of the team, I guess I’m not sure what to do about them.

Things will be great until the ladies figure out I’m not a lawyer or investigator or knowledgeable about anything.  Being honest with myself the only way I have a chance of joining the team is through my charm, and that’ll be hard to pull off after the team figures out how I feel about people.

Thank goodness, I’ll just have to try something else that doesn’t require interacting with people.

Neurotic Man

“The details of that trip—and the subsequent capture of one of America’s most wanted terrorists by Zebley and Gaudin—help illuminate the makeup of the special counsel team that former FBI director Robert Mueller is assembling. It’s a team that contains some of the nation’s top investigators and leading experts on seemingly every aspect of the potential investigation—from specific crimes like money laundering and campaign finance violations to understanding how to navigate both sprawling globe-spanning cases and the complex local dynamics of Washington power politics.

As Mueller begins investigating Russia’s interference in last year’s election and its possible links to Donald Trump’s campaign, he is quietly recruiting lawyers and staff to the team. And in recent days, Trump associates have stepped up criticism of Mueller and his team—including a report, quickly rejected by the White House, that Trump is considering firing Mueller before he even gets started.

Tuesday morning on Good Morning America, Newt Gingrich blasted Mueller and his still-forming team. “These are bad people,” Newt Gingrich told George Stephanopoulos. “I’m very dubious of the team.”

But that criticism flies in the face of widespread, bipartisan acclaim for the team. In fact, just a day earlier, on the same program, former Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr praised Mueller at length. “I don’t think there’s a legitimate concern about Bob Mueller,” Starr said, explaining that the former FBI director was “honest as the day is long.”

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