Running For President

The amazing thing about running for President is how easy it is to do so.  If you have the money and were born here, away you go!  Some people in California (and possibly a few more states) want to create a few more rules, especially in disclosure, to have your name on the State ballot.  Much of the impetus for this movement came from the Donald’s refusal to release his tax returns to the general populace.  In the past, there was enough concern to comply with precedent that it was like having pseudo rules.  This is the grand accomplishment of Donald Trump, tradition has been voided.  While the Donald argues it is invasive the reality is that knowing the history of each candidate makes lying in this arena less likely, which is always helpful.

While we’re at it medical records should be released, and some form of psychiatric record should be in the public domain.  Privacy should end when the Presidency is involved.  While this may seem controversial it is better than fretting four years over someone questionable having their hand on the nuclear button.

Running For President

“The Republican National Committee, meanwhile, has about 20 operatives split between its war room and opposition research shop who are monitoring speaking engagements and filing public records requests for various prospective Democratic candidates.

“With no clear leader on Democratic side, and a progressive base demanding strict adherence to ultra-liberal positions, the RNC’s research and rapid response teams will have plenty of material to show how extreme and out-of-step these folks are,” said RNC spokesman Michael Ahrens.

For many Democrats, the driving question about running seems not to be “why?” but “why not?”

After all, their party has a history of electing outsiders. Jimmy Carter was almost entirely unknown beyond his native Georgia until he essentially invented super-early, retail-style campaigning in Iowa — the way everyone now does it, noted University of Iowa Prof. Tim Hagel.”

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