Universal Basic Income

There are things I like that Elon Musk proposes and others that I do not but Universal Basic Income is one of the good things.  This wonderful and bountiful planet has the capacity to take care of all her children.  It is silly that a little bit of sperm causes someone to inherit so much leading to such an inequity of the planet’s resources.

As slave like labor disappears – machinery can do jobs more efficiently (and cheaper) the appeal to revolution will continue to grow.  If you have nothing the desire to keep the status quo becomes hat much less.  Guaranteeing a universal basic income is in our best interest.  And really is much closer to Christian or Jewish theology than anything that has been put into action over the ages.

There just aren’t enough jobs.  There are kinks, of course, but I’d rather work out the kinks of sharing than arguing over Trump or his Cabinet.

Universal Basic Income

“In an interview with CNBC in November, Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined a growing list of tech executives who support universal basic income as a possible solution to the widespread unemployment that automation will likely cause.

Universal basic income is a system in which all citizens receive a standard amount of money each month to cover basic expenses like food, rent, and clothes.

On Monday, Musk doubled down on his initial support for the concept.

“I think we’ll end up doing universal basic income,” Musk told the crowd at the World Government Summit in Dubai, according to Fast Company. “It’s going to be necessary.”

The economic forecasts for the next several decades don’t bode well for the American worker. In March, President Barack Obama warned Congress about the looming threat of job loss, based on several reports that found that as much as 50% of jobs could be replaced by robots by 2030.

The downside of that projection is that millions of people would wind up out of a job — a possibility Musk discussed at the summit.

“There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better,” he said. “I want to be clear. These are not things I wish will happen; these are things I think probably will happen.”

Executives who have endorsed UBI — a group that includes Y Combinator President Sam Altman and Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes — also say automation would dramatically increase a society’s wealth.

“With automation, there will come abundance,” Musk said. “Almost everything will get very cheap.”  https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/elon-musk-doubles-down-universal-175300665.html

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