Moral Obligations

As the Nation State developed it became imperative that any representative of the State not only work for a coherence in the people but also conduct their representation as moral obligations.  We are duty bound to follow our moral obligations as duty to the state.  Th child crying in despair at the catastrophe that has been introduced in their world, the weeping solitude and prayer of the adult trying to reason with the tragedy that has befallen them and all those they hold dear, for the adept able to sense the suffering of others, an elected official who has moral obligations to the citizenry they swore they’d  protect.  How could any representative not vote for aid to the citizenry dealing with catastrophe?

Where is the humanity?

Moral Obligations

“Texas Republican blasted his colleagues who voted against disaster relief aid to help the Houston area rebuild after Hurricane Harvey.

Four Texas Republicans voted Friday against legislation authorizing $15.3 billion in aid for hurricane victims tied to a debt limit extension — and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) said they had violated their moral obligation to constituents.

“I can only judge myself, and my conscience,” McCaul told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “When I had people dying and hurting in my home state, it was my duty and moral obligation to help them. I felt that vote was a vote of conscience to help people in my state and also now in Florida. I think that’s what Americans do. I think it’s unconscionable to vote against something like that.”

The lawmaker said his GOP colleagues told them they could not support the bill, which passed 316-90, because of their principled objection to raising the debt ceiling.

“I think having to raise the debt ceiling was probably their big issue, and the fact is Mick Mulvaney, a Freedom Caucus guy when he served with us, and he told us point blank you could not appropriate disaster relief if you didn’t raise the debt ceiling,” McCaul said. “So we were stuck with that choice. What do you do in that choice? Do you just stand on principle — and I question that principle — or do you vote to help people back in your home state who are hurting really badly?”

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