Help for us All

Some people in Texas may not have realized the danger they were in and the help they would soon need.  First, by the hurricane barreling toward them and second, by the man-made structures that allowed more units to be built too close to harm’s way.  Humans help each other in situations such as this and it is admirable.  Government’s step in the way they only can.  Let’s hope those who want to limit business involvement will step out of the way and let the Feds help rebuild the city.  This is what government is for – let’s use it.


“Thousands of people like Laracuente have packed into improvised shelters across the city as rain from Tropical Storm Harvey continued to pour and controlled releases from overflowing reservoirs turned city streets into rivers. The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long, said FEMA expects as many as 30,000 Texans to be forced into shelters before the storm runs its course.

Evacuees at Cinco Ranch High uniformly praised the shelter operation. The halls were lined with blankets, toiletries, books and board games. The area that serves as a theater stage when school is in session was filled with dog crates and playing children. A line of people helped themselves to plates of hot food. Most of the grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations in the Katy area remained closed Monday.

“We walked in and we had a kennel that we were able to pick out ― a pillow for the dogs, blanket, pillows, food ― everything was here when we got here,” Laracuente told HuffPost. “I was not prepared for it to be this organized…. I wish I could have been the one who donated, but we just couldn’t bring everything with us.

“I’m just thankful for those who were able to.”

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