Battle of the Turd Reich

Right Wing groups are facing off against left wing groups in what has become the Battle of the Turd Reich.  Somehow, some way, in a universe devoid of logic right wing groups hiding behind the first amendment feel it is okay to march and chant and present their program of hate and non-acceptance of others in what would be labeled as the home town of those who dislike them and which they dislike, their left-wing opponents.

Turd Reich

The left wing is fighting such a shitty gathering with real shit.  There is a call to focus on that field as a place for their dogs to poop, thus bobby-trapping that grassy area.  I’m still digesting my feelings about such a matter.  The only thing I have emitted to this date about the epic battle is poor, poor field.

“Patriot Prayer, the rightwing protest group that planned to rally in San Francisco on Saturday, has cancelled its event, citing safety concerns and a “smear campaign” by elected officials who called them “white supremacists”.

The group said it still intended to attend a rally on Sunday in nearby Berkeley, which has seen a number of violent standoffs between rightwing protesters and anti-fascist activists this year.

“We’re going to put our effort and resources into Berkeley,” Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson said in a Facebook Live broadcast. “Berkeley is a better situation because we don’t feel that we’re walking into a trap.”

However, shortly after, the organizer of the Berkeley rally released a statement urging people not to come to her “No to Marxism in America” rally. Andrea Cummings said she was concerned for the safety of the people who might come to the event.

Thousands of San Franciscans were planning to mount counter-protests against the rightwing event, with residents planning to dance, march, rally, and boat in defiance of rightwing extremism. Several hundred people even announced a plan to allow their dogs to poo on the protest site in advance of the event.

The group’s intention to hold an event in the notoriously liberal San Francisco provoked considerable concern from the city’s elected officials, police, and residents, especially in the wake of the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.”


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