Neurotic Man Expects The Trumpocalypse

Well, I’ve just about had it as this Neurotic Man has found waiting for the Trumpocalypse a distasteful way to spend your days. It’s a creepy and not fulfilling expenditure of effort.  Watching a country this Neurotic Man loves disintegrate as it takes orders from a wack-o is way too sad.  People suffering and then not fixing it but instead attempting to rectify the bad press not because it may have some merit but is too noisy is not healthy by any means.

I guess this Neurotic Man can try to find a home – in Canada.

Neurotic Man

“In the wake of Brexit and with the rise of Donald Trump, Richard Nixon now seems like a quaint historical curiosity. Were Tricky Dicky’s revivified corpse to shamble on stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland later this month to demand the nomination, it would probably be hailed as an improvement. However, there was a time when decent Americans saw Nixon as an unprecedented threat to democracy.

One of those Americans was my grandfather. When Nixon was elected vice-president in 1952, my grandfather made good on that perennial threat of outraged American liberals throughout history: he loaded the family into the station wagon, drove up the coast from Orange County to Salmon Arm, British Columbia, and settled in Canada.

So it’s in part thanks to Nixon that I now live and work in Toronto, having carried on the family tradition of making existential life decisions without thinking them through by using my Canadian passport to move from Australia. The Canada I moved to seven years ago was thought of as a pleasant backwater: cold, bland.

But Canada has become something very different. For one thing, Canada now has Drake, and a prime minister who can credibly claim to have had sex. For another, the US and the UK are voting their way toward national cosplays of Children of Men, and the less credulous among their populations are eyeing the exits.

Google searches for ‘how do I move to Canada’ spiked in the UK following the Brexit vote…”

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