Committee Chaos

From Economics to the Environmental Sciences the Trump Administration continues to wreak havoc by closing advisory groups causing committee havoc.  These groups were formed to create advisory panels on subjects the President was not expert on with leading minds in that particular field.  Before the abandonment of the committees the President took a step in the direction in ending the usefulness of the committees by placing lower level hacks on several key spots in the committees.  The fact that before the disbanding several members had quit, members only getting their appointment due to their allegiance to Trump, has led to a disquiet in any field that calls for experts on advisory panels.

What will the Donald do next?  The prospects are terrifying – will he come to conclusions based on his un-informed gut?  Will tweets replace scientific research followed by scientific papers?

Well, who is the maddest?  Those who come up with crazy ideas or those who follow the crazies?  As the Cheshire Cat said “We are all mad here.”

Committee Chaos

“President Donald Trump’s administration has dissolved a federal panel of scientists and other experts tasked with helping create and implement new policy based on the latest climate change research findings.

That decision, members of the 15-person committee told HuffPost on Sunday, does not bode well for the future of climate change preparation and prevention during Trump’s time in office.

A spokeswoman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which established the panel in 2015, confirmed Sunday that the Department of Commerce would not renew the charter for the Sustained National Climate Assessment’s Federal Advisory Committee.

“Per the terms of the charter, the [committee] expired on August 20, 2017,” the emailed statement read. ”The Department of Commerce and NOAA appreciate the efforts of the Committee and offer sincere thanks to each of the Committee members for their service.”

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