When the Donald was running for President he made a big deal about his negotiating skills and how businessmen knew how to be deal-makers with advance skill, certainly more skill than politicians.  I often laughed at this because a politician had to operate at a much higher level of skill than a businessperson.  In business, you had the fallback of bankruptcy courts, and overwhelming your opponents.  It was far too easy to win and still lose.  You were also dealing with a world of options, something the Donald never had to do in the business world. While in the business world you didn’t have the affirmation of your leadership every four or eight years, quite often one’s family kept controlling interest of ownership.  Like the in the case of the Donald.

“There were no deals made on either call. Trump threatened Peña Nieto, a top U.S. ally, with tariffs on Mexican goods and then warned he’d never meet with him unless he stopped saying publicly that Mexico won’t pay for Trump’s promised border wall. In a heated exchange with Turnbull, also a key U.S. ally, Trump vented about the “stupid deal” the United States had made with Australia to accept refugees into the country. He all but hung up on Turnbull in the end.

Is this as bananas as it sounds? Or maybe Trump is deploying clever, art-of-the-deal tactics that casual observers might miss?

We asked experts in business and diplomatic negotiation to weigh in.

“His skills are few,” John Oesch, an associate professor at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, said in an email. “He has relied on power (or perceived power), threats, and treating people very poorly to get what he wants. Most negotiation scholars agree that power is an unsustainable way to resolve conflict and a poor negotiating technique, unless you want only to take from the other party and not create any value for either side.”


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