Neurotic Man Interviewed

I don’t know how it happened, but it did, this Neurotic Man was interviewed!  At least I think so, but who knows, I am already questioning what happened.  Let’s cut to the chase, it’s just another thing to worry about.  Anyway, I was interviewed by a real life reporter!  With real questions!

I still don’t know for sure how she found the NM, probably a stroke of good luck on her part.  I was quick-witted, urbane, smiled on occasion and hardly sulked through the process.  I am not sure if she got the essence of the NM.  I kept on getting the impression that she thought I was a complete nutter instead of the very cautious individual that I believe I am.  We first met in a very open setting as I believe it made her comfortable that a quick getaway was possible.  Likewise, for me.  You never know, what if she wasn’t a reporter?  Or the first serial reporter?

Anyway, she was very nice, and much shorter than me, so my anxiety disorder dissipated quickly.  I told her about NM and we had a pleasant discussion.  I couldn’t tell if she understood that underneath all the phobia there was something that made sense, in some ways a whole lot of sense.  Such as wiping the door handle of a public bathroom both on the way in and the way out with a paper towel.  You never know what pesky germs will be lurking there.  Besides, if the bathroom is the germiest place in your home imagine what a public bathroom is like.  The reporter looked at me skeptically but I didn’t mind, I get that a lot.  In fact, when I don’t get it I think the person may not have been listening.

She wrote an article which I think is very fair.  Here’s the link:   

The other day I went to the local library and there was a towel dispenser attached to the exit door with wipes to be used for the door handle when exiting.   Just like Neurotic Man.

Neurotic Man

Ha!  How you like me now?

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