We Don’ Need No Stinken Science

Lack of understanding of science is not surprising in the Trump Presidency.  People get nominated for science jobs because that’s the place to dump supporters who squawk about payback jobs. Since each Department has more than one scientist, the theory goes, having one scientist who is not a scientist is no big deal.  The Trump team, not noted for its vast knowledge, has been slow to understand how important the team concept is in the scientific arena.  I guess having fake scientists is the next step to having real scientists that you refuse to believe in.

Being adept at politics or the sciences or statesmanship is not a necessity for the employees of the Trump White House.  It’s quite understandable as the occupant of the White House is used to do overs thanks to bankruptcy laws.


“Sam Clovis, President Donald Trump’s pick to be the Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist, has been many things in life: He’s an F-16 fighter pilot turned defense contractor turned academic; he was a conservative radio host in Sioux City, Iowa; and he was a failed U.S. Senate candidate in the Hawkeye State who managed to become co-chair of the presidential campaign of a New Yorker who won — against all odds.

These days in Washington, Clovis’ critics are obsessing over what he is not: He’s not an agricultural scientist, nor is he an agricultural economist, nor does he appear to be qualified for a position that, by law, must be drawn from “among distinguished scientists with specialized training or significant experience in agricultural research, education and economics.”

Senate Democrats, activists deeply concerned about climate change and left-leaning science groups predictably seized on Clovis’ weak credentials to attack his selection as yet another sign the Trump administration rejects science-based policymaking and endangers the integrity of federal research.”  http://www.politico.com/story/2017/07/30/usda-sam-clovis-influence-trump-241114?lo=ap_f1

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