I don’t know why integrity is so hard for social commentators to figure out.  It is hard enough for there to be integrity in any of the fields.  But Business people, that lot who have the goal of accumulating wealth, certainly do not want to divulge themselves of it.  Maybe at one time a family like the Roosevelts were able to accumulate wealth and still serve the social good.  But the rich families of today, not so much.  When a family ceases to have that core of goodness, Integrity becomes impossible.


“ Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, have a valuable collection of artwork, but if it weren’t for Instagram, we might not know anything about it. According to Artnet, the couple has been criticized for failing to disclose their collection in financial documents, despite some pieces being worth as much as $500,000.”

“Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump filed documents on Friday that reveal new information about their extensive business holdings and investments — which could be worth more than $762 million.

Kushner’s document updates one released four months ago and includes some previously undisclosed holdings that comprise some of the couple’s most valuable investments.

His interest in Cadre, a tech company that helps investors crowdfund real estate projects, is worth as much as $25 million. Kushner’s prior disclosure form listed Cadre’s parent company and its value, but it did not break out Cadre separately. The Wall Street Journal reported Kushner’s stake in Cadre in May.

The new forms, which include separate ones from Ivanka Trump for the first time, also disclose the couple’s art collection, valued at up to $25 million. Federal rules require only the disclosure of art held for investment purposes. The couple added the art to the form out of an abundance of caution, an attorney who helped Kushner and Trump prepare the forms said.

All told, 77 items on the new form had been “inadvertently omitted” from Kushner’s prior one. Some were properties or business interests that Kushner has divested. Most were bonds that Kushner had sold before he came into office, according to the couple’s lawyer.

Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s assets combined are worth at least $207 million but could reach more than $762 million, according to the documents.

An important caveat: The disclosure documents make it impossible to calculate precise totals of personal income and wealth. They allow officeholders to disclose figures in ranges, such as “$100,000 to $1,000,000,” and some disclosures are open ended like “over $50,000,000.”

The forms show that Ivanka Trump, who became an official White House employee in March, collected more than $5 million in income from her businesses between January 1 and March 8. After that, the assets were placed into a trust worth more than $50 million. She continued to draw at least $1 million in income from that trust through May 31.”

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