Neurotiic Man Goes to a Barber Shop

Neurotic Man knew it was time.  He tried to ignore the problem the best he could but it had become uncontrollable.  And messy looking.   His newest problem, of course, was his hair.  He envisioned he looked like a hippie, though to be truthful, he didn’t know what that meant.  And for what he knew about them he had nothing against hippies, anyway.

Neurotiic Man

To help me conquer my fear I read about a barber shop.

Real Men Go To Real Barber Shops

“The idea of having a Hooters girl cut your hair is just gross. Use a barber, not a ‘stylist.’

June 18, 2014 By Fred Cole

In the car this weekend, I had to misfortune to hear an ad on the radio. It was for a men’s hair salon with a business model similar to Knockouts. If you don’t know, Knockouts is a franchise chain of hair salons for men with more than 500 locations in 29 states. They are sports themed (specifically boxing and mixed martial arts), and the hair stylists are busty young women who wear t-shirts and short shorts. It’s like Hooters, except with hair cutting. The whole idea is to create a haircut “experience.” You pay for this haircut “experience” at the salon with the same outrageously inflated prices that women pay to get their hair “done.”

Yikes!  Maybe with some luck I’ll go bald soon.

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