Where Your I Phone is Made

Many years ago lots of negative press followed Apple and it’s I Phone.  Besides having the I Phone in China the I Phone was being made by Foxcom and it’s huge, stifled workforce.  Workers in both countries were being shafted – it’s not just that the workforce overseas would make the I Phone for less, there’s the question of workmanship when it is made for less.  And Jobs didn’t seem to mind.

I Phone

Well, Jobs is gone but nothing much has changed.  The phone is still being made in China, the workers sign up for the Foxcom factory as a last resort.  Even Trump hasn’t squealed about this arrangement.

The I Phone always advertises well, except for the company.

“Xu and his friend were both walk-on recruits, though not necessarily willing ones. “They call Foxconn a fox trap,” he says. “Because it tricks a lot of people.” He says Foxconn promised them free housing but then forced them to pay exorbitantly high bills for electricity and water. The current dorms sleep eight to a room and he says they used to be 12 to a room. But Foxconn would shirk social insurance and be late or fail to pay bonuses. And many workers sign contracts that subtract a hefty penalty from their pay if they quit before a three-month introductory period.

The body-catching nets are still there. They look a bit like tarps that have blown off the things they’re meant to cover

On top of that, the work is gruelling. “You have to have mental management,” says Xu, otherwise you can get scolded by bosses in front of your peers. Instead of discussing performance privately or face to face on the line, managers would stockpile complaints until later. “When the boss comes down to inspect the work,” Xu’s friend says, “if they find any problems, they won’t scold you then. They will scold you in front of everyone in a meeting later.”


‘We look at everything at these companies,” Steve Jobs said after news of the suicides broke. “Foxconn is not a sweatshop. It’s a factory – but my gosh, they have restaurants and movie theatres… but it’s a factory. But they’ve had some suicides and attempted suicides – and they have 400,000 people there. The rate is under what the US rate is, but it’s still troubling.” Apple CEO, Tim Cook, visited Longhua in 2011 and reportedly met suicide-prevention experts and top management to discuss the epidemic.”


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