Amazon Kingdom

Imagine a kingdom that you pay lower prices if you join its ranks, that destroys Capitalism in its core beliefs, that when it says community it means their store, their community that can set prices and what’s available and destroys all competition, I am of course talking about the Amazon Kingdom.  The Amazon Kingdom doesn’t believe in profit, only sales and the little store can’t financially compete.

Amazon Kingdom

In the Amazon Kingdom, most retail goods cost less but worker’s pay is also less, where competition means between members of its own workforce that is disguised as a way to give the best to you when it really means paying less and driving the workforce harder.

The Amazon Kingdom makes many promises but offers few solutions.  Try to get Amazon or its workers to answer a query and you know what the Amazon kingdom means.  It’s where confusion are answers, where threats are real, and it’s easy to see fascism in answer.

“Our communities and the way we engage in commerce will change. Imagine walking into a Whole Foods store and seeing different prices depending on whether you are a member of Amazon Prime — or seeing different prices depending on any other way that you interact with Amazon.

This isn’t implausible. It is what the company does when it opens up stores. For instance, Amazon is creating a chain of physical book stores to take the place of the book stores the company destroyed. In these stores, there are no price tags at all: You scan the items with your phone and have a price delivered to you, personalized by Amazon. Why wouldn’t Amazon extend this to Whole Foods? “Our goal with Amazon Prime, make no mistake,” says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, “is to make sure that if you are not a Prime member, you are being irresponsible.”

This statement and the amount of power in Bezos’ hands should frighten all Americans. Bezos meant that Amazon will soon be so good for consumers that it would just be folly not to be a member. But what he unwittingly implied is that as a citizen, you will have no choice but to interact with his institution to buy and sell key goods that everyone needs — on his terms.

Jeff Bezos, in other words, has a vision. To be everywhere, to be the platform for everything for every consumer. So when Bezos calls you irresponsible for not tithing to Amazon, America has a big political problem.”

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