Hillary Clinton Runs Again

Well, the Democrats, great believers of losing when victory seems more than possible, are doing it again by thinking about Hillary Clinton – Again.  The three most surprising election results in modern American history involve Ms. Clinton.  To review:

Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama who was known for one convention speech and not much more.  In an upset, she lost.

Hillary Clinton ran against Bernie Sanders.  The Democratic political establishment was squarely behind her as was the party’s political machine (illegally), the Party’s elected officials and almost all of the media and she only pulled ahead in the last month of campaigning.

Donald Trump was a joke.  So she acted with that thought until she lost the Presidency.

I don’t care if she’d make a fine President (and I doubt that) she’s a lousy candidate. When will the Dems learn?

Hillary Clinton

“Okay, before I go any further, let me state unequivocally for the record that I believe Hillary Clinton ran one of the worst campaigns in modern political history. Her management was inept, her messaging misguided, and her character terribly flawed. Let’s put this into proper perspective: she lost to Donald Trump, for fuck’s sake! A colossal joke of a candidate who by all accounts should’ve lost to a chair. As the saying goes, the election was Clinton’s to lose… and she lost it. So why on Earth would I want her to run again in 2020?

The answer is rather simple: I remain committed to the belief that Clinton would be an incredible president. And I believe she not only will run again, as her recent and outspoken re-launch onto the public stage indicates, but that she will also win. No, I’m not crazy. I just believe that history repeats itself. And for that we simply need to look to Richard Nixon.

It was 1960. The first televised presidential debate. Nixon refused make-up. John F. Kennedy, well, he was JFK. The battle pitted the young, charismatic Democratic upstart with the movie-star looks against the nervous, sweaty, 5 o’clock-shadowed, beady-eyed, prematurely-aged Republican. The rest is history. As is Nixon’s startling comeback eight years later to win not one but two presidential elections. Times change. Situations change. People change. Can Hillary? My money’s on yes.”  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/making-the-case-for-2020-hillary-clinton_us_5900f9ace4b00acb75f18443?section=us_politics

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