100 Days of Failure

Ever since FDR the first 100 days of a Presidency has defined the whole term.  Those that accomplished right off the bat have become noteworthy while those with slow starts have faded into the oceans of obscurity. It’s kind of silly but we do lots of silly things, like the two-party system.

The current Administration seems to be overflowing with failure and the goodwill normally in this system is abnormally absent.  The party in power can’t manage the Washington system (billionaires, such as this one, are only as competent as their aides) and the party out of power (more competent at running things) can’t get elected because they’ve squandered decades long goodwill of the American people.

It is silly there even is a contest.  All the beloved programs in this country were pushed by and voted in by the support of the Democratic Party.  Medicare, Medicaid, healthcare, minimum wage, Social Security – whatever the faults that any of these have they were created to help the American People.   Help people, not exploit them. Yet for the most part the Democrats run from their successes.  It is good the Democrats are the catalysts for each social good previously mentioned and the Democrats should have pride in what they have done.

Until they do they will remain small-timers.

100 Days of Failure

“Trump keeps doing this. As former Mitt Romney adviser Lanhee Chen told Politico, the tax reform fight is shaping up to resemble the recent healthcare debacle, which was marked by Republican infighting and poor planning by the White House. (The latest on that, by the way, is a new GOP proposal that would gut Obamacare protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions but allow members of Congress to keep those protections.) Yet Trump’s rushed tax plan also looks a bit like his impulsive attempt to jam funding for a Mexico border wall into congressional budget negotiations this week. That swiftly backfired, resulted in a Trump retreat, and allowed Democrats to claim a minor victory.

More than a dozen of Trump’s top advisers and cabinet secretaries will launch a regional TV and radio tour on Wednesday, giving more than a hundred interviews to put a positive spin on the administration’s lack of accomplishment. Ultimately, though, they don’t have much to work with. Trump’s desperation to prove he’s had a productive 100 days is causing only further failures, a vicious cycle of insecurity and ignorance that likely won’t end well for America or the world.”  https://newrepublic.com/minutes/142281/trump-cementing-100-days-failure

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