Trump As Instigator

This Trump argument leaves out some major questions.  If Trump is immune because of his Presidency, can Trump be sued for his actions when he wasn’t the President even if they are pursued only when he is President, and can the actions be pursued when he is no longer President.  It is clear that Trump was annoyed by the interruption.  Can the rights of a citizen annoy him once more?

“Donald Trump’s lawyers in a Friday afternoon federal court filing argued that he cannot be sued for inciting his supporters to hurt protesters because, as the president, he is immune from civil lawsuits.

The lawsuit was brought by three protesters who allege they were roughed up and ejected by Trump supporters from a March 2016 campaign rally in Louisville, Kentucky, after Trump barked from the stage “get ‘me out of here!”

The lawsuit seeks damages from two Trump supporters who confronted the protesters, as well as Trump’s presidential campaign and the president himself, since the protesters argue the Trump supporters were acting at his direction.

In Friday’s filing, the president’s lawyers contend that Trump was not ordering his supporters to rough up the protesters — or to do anything. “The Trump Defendants deny that Mr. Trump directed his statement to the crowd,” the lawyers wrote.”


“Brousseau — who alleges that he was punched in the stomach by Trump supporters after shouting “Black Lives Matter” — said Trump “was trying to egg on the crowd.”

A second Trump supporter named in Brousseau’s suit is a well-known white nationalist.

Trump’s campaign rallies were often feisty affairs interrupted by protesters who drew the ire of his supporters and were usually ushered out — sometimes roughly — by Trump’s private security force.

But the Louisville lawsuit is one of at least two winding their way through federal courts brought by protesters who allege they were roughed up by Trump supporters.”


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