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In my crusade to defeat unemployment, basically my own, This Neurotic Man has decided to join Team Trump.  It’s not that I believe much of what they say or do but look at all the openings.  Plus, he likes hiring billionaires and most of them don’t know how to put in a full day.  Someone has to run the government.

I don’t think it’s being run so great so give it a few more weeks and they’ll relish the offer of help.

“The New York Times editorial board is sounding the alarm about the Trump administration’s staffing problems.

In a March 3 op-ed, the board begins by writing that “President Trump has appointed fewer than three dozen of the top 1,000 officials he needs to run the federal government.”

It then adds, “The president seems to have lost interest in the nomination process after making his cabinet and Supreme Court picks, people involved in the transition say.”

The piece points out that previous administrations have also started slowly, but the difference is that they had “scores of candidates in the pipeline by this time. Mr. Trump does not.”

“However, experts have also previously pointed out that vacancies can lead to slow responses, especially in a national security situation.

The Times op-ed goes on to say that “the federal agencies are effectively run by Trump ‘beachhead’ teams, some 600 people who mostly are campaign donors, Trump employees, pals or allied politicos. Many know little about the agencies they inhabit, and they are understandably resented by career staff members.”

Neurotic Man

Can you believe it?  They turned me down!  Something about donations or the lack of them in the past.  If I had money to throw around on politics would I be applying for a job.  It’s not like I am play-acting.  I see the job as a real thing. Oh well – as the saying goes, you better off.


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