Nepotism, Thy Name is Trump

I don’t think they understand what nepotism means.  After all it is not a question if one is or isn’t based on size of the reward such as salary.  It’s getting a job that a Resume would indicate you are not capable for.  Did she get a job because of her vast experience in dealing with professional politicians?  Jared too. Or is it just that they knew the Donald. The Missus would probably get one too if she insisted on one.

It’s nice to be trusted and be able to separate who is trusted and who is not.  But that is not how a Democracy works – we have to learn how to get along with each other without any Nepotism.

The Kennedy Brothers worked alongside each other – but in their case, Bobby was expert in his field, working in politics and working with politicians.  And still there was an uproar.

Who will stand up to the Donald? Who will, when it is necessary, defend the country first and the Donald second?

“How is it nepotism?” Miller shot back.

“She’s the daughter of the president, that’s how it’s nepotism!” Camerota replied.

“No, because she’s working for free,” Miller explained.

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“So because she’s not collecting a salary, it skirts nepotism laws?” Camerota asked.

“Everybody, from the White House counsel to the DOJ, says this doesn’t violate nepotism rules,” Miller replied.

Panelist Norm Eisen, however, said that whether it technically violates nepotism laws is beside the point.

“Do we really want a country that is run like a monarchy where you have the throne flanked by family members?” he asked. “Or do we want people in the Oval Office whose first loyalty will be to the country, not to the man sitting behind the desk?”


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