White House Ethics

The Ethics by those who work for this Administration is messy and is often questioned – in fact is in shambles.  They act as if they can do whatever they want.  While such action might have worked in the past for this group they have not held jobs on the Federal level and have not dealt with the scrutiny that is the norm.  In just a few weeks there is more talk of potential scandal than existed for Obama’s eight years except of course by the Obama loony haters.

Ethics is set by example and the Donald appears to be a poor example.  Every day there seems to be something appearing just like what we see below.

White House Ethics

“Last month, Kellyanne Conway famously turned an interview from the White House into an infomercial for Ivanka Trump. “This is just a wonderful line,” the presidential adviser said of the clothing brand that bears the name of the president’s eldest daughter. “I own some of it. I fully—I’m going to just give it a free commercial here: Go buy it today, everybody. You can find it online.”

Ethics watchdogs and good-government types were aghast with this blatant violation of federal ethics rules. Even Republicans who had repeatedly ignored concerns about the many glaring conflicts of interest posed by the president’s business empire felt compelled to weigh in. “That was wrong, wrong, wrong, over the line, [and] unacceptable,” House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz said.

Chaffetz joined his Democratic counterpart on the oversight panel, Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, in asking the Office of Government Ethics to investigate. Agency Director Walter Shaub Jr. concluded that Conway’s actions appeared so outrageous as to warrant formal punishment from the president. To the surprise of no one, the Trump administration shrugged.

Conway ultimately got away with openly flouting federal ethics rules on national television without so much as a slap on the wrist. But as remarkably brazen as her actions were, they may be dwarfed by a much larger and more serious conflict of interest: The available evidence suggests that more than two months since starting work at the White House, Conway still hasn’t sold the D.C. consulting firm she founded in 1995—named, plainly, the Polling Company—that boasts of such high-profile past clients as Boeing, the National Rifle Association, and even the federal government. If Conway is taking an active role in White House decision-making that directly impacts the fortunes of her firm’s clients, it would pose a far larger problem than her unapologetic Ivanka endorsement did: It could be a federal crime punishable with prison time.

This could be a federal crime punishable with prison time.” http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2017/03/is_kellyanne_conway_breaking_a_major_criminal_conflict_of_interest_statute.html


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