Left Leaning Stupid

Releasing two percent of anything to give a clear picture of the one hundred percent is stupid.  Using that two percent for anything but pressure to get some more of the ninety eight percent is stupid.  Acting as you have a scoop from the other side when you have an incomplete story is stupid.

The Rachel Maddow Show is an example of something that appears smart when it is incredibly stupid.  Rachel and her guests are guilty of the above and when it comes to Donald Trump’s Tax Returns even more than fivefold times stupid.  In this case she did not even have all the attachments for the yeat in question which can turn the tax story all different ways. And it is also the inter-connection of year to year and especially of a stream of those years that gives you a look as that activity.  One year by its own means very little.

The press, ever hungry to scoop each other is often stupid.  And the Donald, a poor diplomat, statesman and politician, shines when the press is duped.  And stupid.


“Why do we need to see Donald Trump’s tax returns? That’s the number one question asked by critics of the story I broke last week on DCReport.org after the president’s 2005 tax return summary pages showed up on 13 March in the mail at my home in Rochester, New York. It’s a question I’m happy to answer as a longtime tax reporter, a Trump biographer and a citizen who has known Trump for almost 30 years.

We need to see years of tax returns from every major party candidate for president and vice-president because, as Richard Nixon said during Watergate, “people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook”. Nixon, it turned out, was a crook. While he was not indicted, his tax lawyer went to prison.”

Among major party candidates and presidents since then, only Trump has refused to release any tax information. The obvious question is what is he hiding?


Without his complete tax returns since the 1970s, we have no way of knowing whether he is a crook or compromised by his extensive dealings with Russian oligarchs, with authoritarian regimes in Azerbaijan, the Philippines and Turkey; or by massive loans from a bank owned by the Chinese government and the Trump Tower space rented by its largest tenant, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China.

We do know from court records that Trump was embroiled in a sales tax scandal. He was named as one of the celebrities who bought items at the Bulgari jewellery store in Manhattan without the necessary taxes being paid. Ed Koch, when he was mayor of New York, suggested those involved should have served 15 days behind bars for this. Yet then, as now, Trump was bullish in his own defence. His spokesman said Trump was never part of the scam and only made bona fide purchases.” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/22/donald-trumps-2005-tax-return-we-need-the-rest-right-now

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