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What to take and what to add to Obamacare or any other Healthcare program is destined to fail as a program, including Obamacare, unless it contains two key elements that politicians in the United States won’t even discuss.  Element number one is Healthcare must contain Single Payer so that the pool remains balanced between healthy and the sick and that it has a moral basis.   Element number two that as long as private insurance companies dictate what is sick and needs to be treated premiums will go up and up and the citizenry’s health will lose out to a company’s bottom line.


Expanding profit and citizen affordability are not compatible (at least in the insurance companies’ definition of profit.)  All this Healthcare pretense unnecessarily gets people hopes up when there is a simple solution – single payer.

“Republican leaders have introduced sweeping changes to their contentious plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in an attempt to sway wary conservatives and moderates. But a coalition of House hardliners said they were not persuaded.

The House Republican leadership is racing to shore up support for the proposed health care overhaul before a planned vote on Thursday. Donald Trump will meet with Republicans on Capitol Hill on Tuesday morning to rally party members.

The revision to the bill, known as the American Health Care Act, are intended placate conservatives with changes to Medicaid as well as the moderates who are concerned the original proposal would hurt older patients.”


“A week ago an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office forecast that 24 million people would lose their healthcare coverage by 2026 under the original plan. It also found that premiums would rise in the short term but then drop lower than they would if the ACA remained in place over the next decade. However, under the Republican proposal, older and low-income Americans would face significant increases in cost.

The amendment is the result of two weeks of aggressive negotiations between administration officials, the Republican leadership and a bloc of conservative lawmakers. It included numerous meetings at the White House, on Capitol Hill and a weekend summit at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.”

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