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Poor People still have to learn that the rich are not their friend.   Unless the wealth came from holding some patents, or singing some songs, riches rarely come from any source but limiting someone else.  Now if someone doesn’t have your best interest at heart why do you make believe that medical care or a living wage or clean water is an insurmountable problem?  The rich will eat quality food, and have clean water and a comfortable, safe place to live.  Quality medical for the rich is without question.

Business and economic games like independent contractors are just the okie-doke from the rich in which you do what they want in the guise of helping yourself and unwittingly help the rich take advantage of you.

Uber helps you get work and then makes most of the profit.  It is fitting that Arianna is on their board as she did the same thing to the early Huffington writers.

Poor People

“Ariana Huffington — the founder of the Huffington Post — has marketed herself over the last decade as a populist that fights for better working conditions, better pay, and more accountability from employers. Look, I’m not down with most of the bullshit that progressives harp about, but many of their economic populist arguments are spot on. Many of the left’s populist arguments are so strong that Donald Trump decided to steal them and create a populist wing of the Republican party, which has astoundingly taken over almost out of nowhere.

In this day and age, populist economic arguments just seem make sense to working class Americans, regardless of race, sex — or as Trump has proven, even party affiliation. Today, Ms. Huffington has betrayed her true colors by joining the board of directors of Uber, proving that she doesn’t care about improving working conditions or creating an economy that can provide living wages.

For those who don’t know, Uber is one of the leading forces in advancing the gig economy. Basically, they don’t have any “employees” — instead they sign every employee as private contractors, so Uber doesn’t have to provide any insurance, compensation for wear and tear, insurance, or any benefits. Many drivers barely make anything at all, and the company only survives based on an extremely high turn over rate, and an endless full of useful dupes. Just last week, Uber settled a class action lawsuit in California because they were treating private contractors like employees.

By having private contractors instead of employees, they even get out of paying unemployment insurance for their employees. Uber is essentially an illegal outfit that only operates successfully by a) paying their drivers shit and getting out of all employment responsibilities, b) side-skirting all legal requirements for operating a taxi company and c) undercutting legitimate, law abiding businesses.”  http://theralphretort.com/ariana-huffington-exposed-progressive-fraud-joining-uber-04027016/

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