Neurotic Man Shops at Verizon

There are several things that give this Neurotic Man the willies – bowling ball holes, ready-made sandwiches, gas pumps (what is really in there?), but nothing terrifies me as much as Verizon.  I’ve been wary of the phone companies ever since I saw The President’s Analyst.

At Verizon you walk into a very clean store (a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone) with lots of space, way too much space.  And I shudder to think about the salespeople.   They smile too much.  They seem happy way too much.  Are they people or robots?  This Neurotic Man slouches and grimaces – I’m a real American so what are they?

Verizoners have all the answers while I have none.  Are we the same species?  I know very little about what they are saying and it is probably best is stays that way.

Neurotic Man

“Don’t get me wrong; in some cases, self-service is faster, easier, and generally superior to being waited on. Navigating a maze of dial-in menu options is not one of those cases. And while the Internet is packed with entire websites dedicated to tracking and aggregating people’s negative experiences with them, this one in particular seemed worth sharing. If it sounds familiar, share your own personal customer service hell in the discussion below.

So my less-than-a-year old Droid DNA bricked itself for the third time since March (well, technically its the second DNA as the first one stopped working before I got it out of the store and the other failure was with the wireless charger). Anyway, I take it into the local Verizon branch to see if they could do anything to help. The service guy tries a hard reset, then pulls out and reinserts the SIM card, then shrugs and says that’s the most they can do for troubleshooting. Really? Two methods, both of which I tried before taking it in, which combined require less than a minute to attempt, is the full extent of this phone’s serviceability. Preposterous.”

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