The March of Science

The most encouraging reaction to The Donald and his ilk is not by politicians or the media but by the populace as a whole even group by group such as those participants in The March of Science. Such demonstration makes visible the widespread understanding of the dangers of Trump.

When an objective collaboration between our scientists and politicians fails to occur the dangers to an exhausted planet are not understood.  The failure of the recognition of such endangerment endangers us all.

The era of Trump is superstition over fact, the triumph of belief over fact, the subjective over objective.

Certainly Science can be mishandled but the proper use of Science helps our future while the era of Trump destroys it..

March of Science

“Scientists in the United States are mobilising to organise a March for Science. What originated online as a discussion about how to push back against the anti-science stance of Donald Trump’s administration rapidly gathered support from concerned scientists and non-scientists alike. A march on Washington similar to the Women’s March was proposed, and within 24 hours the group’s Twitter account had gained an additional 124,000 followers. Over half a million people have also joined a new Facebook page, which has become a hive of comments, suggestions and coordination. An event in the US capital is planned for March, with activities occurring in other countries.

The group’s mission statement begins with “There are certain things that we accept as facts … The Earth is becoming warmer due to human action. The diversity of life arose by evolution”. Both president Trump and vice president Pence have expressed scepticism about humans’ role in global warming and the theory of evolution. But what is prompting scientists to come out of the lab and onto the streets is that these sentiments are being rapidly translated into actions by the new administration.”


“The leaders of March for Science stress that it is an inclusive movement – organising and participating in marches isn’t restricted to practising scientists. An online form that helps coordinate involvement has received thousands of contributions. What’s become clear is that this is an issue that both scientists and non-scientists are passionate about.

As Hadly argues, “If we cannot discuss facts openly – in public, in academia, in business, in government – how can we have meaningful dialogues so essential to serving people’s needs? How can democracy, based on public discussions and trust in our societal truths, survive? And so we will march.”

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