Soulless Living

There are some forms of opulence so disgusting that a modern society should find them as soulless as what occurred in the ruling families in ancient Rome.  The cost is one thing; especially when less than 20 miles away is one of nation’s largest homeless populations, larger than the population of most of America’ cities, and beauty is another.  When opulence replaces beauty what is the message for this and future generations?

Expensive does not mean by itself beauty.  Expensive does not mean with heart.  Buying a 250 million dollar house is an expression of wealth but nothing more.  It is soulless living.

The Trump revolution has taken a wrong turn with its billionaire cabinet.  This is also a wrong turn.  Hopefully some day we will take a right turn.


“I wanted to build the most spectacular house in the United States,” said the developer. “I wanted to have every spectacular thing in that house, in one place. This house is the eighth wonder of the world.”

That may sound brash even for real estate speak, but 924 Bel Air Road is designed for a modern pharaoh.

Perched in the rarified hills of Bel Air, which make Beverly Hills feel ghetto, the 38,000 sq ft property boasts panoramic views, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, five bars, a massage studio, a fleet of luxury cars and motorbikes, an 85-foot Italian glass infinity pool, an outdoor hydraulic theater-sized screen, a James Bond-themed indoor cinema, a bowling alley, 130 art installations and, as a roof adornment, the helicopter from the 1980s TV show Airwolf.

Oh, and a crocodile-embossed elevator, a Hobie Cat sailboat, glass ping pong and billiard tables, two wine cellars, 56 TV screens, Willy Wonka-style cylinders filled with sweets and an interactive digital work starring Disney’s Seven Dwarfs.

The aim, Makowsky said in an interview, is shock and awe. “It’s purely emotional. Someone walks through here and thinks, ‘I have to have it’.”

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