Alternative Facts Aren”t

The English language has its tricks and turns but not in the case of facts.  While one could be only partially truthful there is no case that one can present made-up data and convert it into facts on the matter.  This is very scary when it applies with a Presidential team.  It is possible when using their alternative facts to not see poverty or illness when they don’t want to.  Or a threat when there is none or a friend who is actually an enemy.

This added to much of the Trump’ team inexperience and we have the possibility of alternative facts and then, disaster.


“(CNN)Donald Trump’s White House counselor Kellyanne Conway coined a new term Sunday morning when she stated that White House Press secretary Sean Spicer was not lying about the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration. Instead, Conway claimed, Spicer simply told us “alternative facts.”

It’s truly hilarious that the Trump team, so vocally opposed to political correctness, is now being PC in describing a lie. Sorry, Kellyanne, I’m not buying it. “Alternative facts,” as NBC’s Chuck Todd so accurately put it in response to you on the air, “are not facts, they’re falsehoods!”


“This issue started back on Saturday, when the notoriously thin-skinned Trump visited the CIA and, while standing in front of the wall that pays tribute to CIA agents who sacrificed their lives for our nation, bragged about the size of the crowd that had attended his inauguration. Trump, after first trashing the media, told the audience of CIA employees that, “it looked like a million, million and a half people” were standing in the crowd cheering for him.

The only problem with Trump’s statement at the CIA is these pesky things called facts. No one can say with any certainty what the crowd size was, plus objective metrics — such as use of Washington’s mass transit — indicated that Trump’s crowd was much smaller.

Likely adding to Trump’s distress was the visual contrast of photos circulating that showed Trump’s inaugural crowd versus President Obama’s first inaugural, which clearly show that Obama’s crowds were far larger — even though it was a frigid 20 degrees that day in 2009 and the temperature for so obsessed with being the “best” that this morning he tweeted that his TV ratings for the inaugural were higher than Obama’s in 2013.

Of course, he failed to mention the fact that Obama’s inauguration in 2009 had far higher ratings.


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