Marsha Blackburn Prepares For Battle

Once, a very very long time ago I had a civics class and I was taught that Congress People represented their constituents including Marsha Blackburn.   While the people have been taught by their legislators, especially Republicanslike  Marsha Blackburn to hate Obamacare, they like the result of Obamacare, like that part of the constituency that could never afford coverage before that suddenly had it or the constituents with pre-existing conditions that suddenly had coverage.

But the Republican officials hated Obamacare; it was a “Socialistic” thing where everyone who wanted to could be covered.  Or maybe these officials hated it because it was a “black thing” (hint: our President).  But whatever the reason they hated it.  You might wonder why something so useful to such a large section of the constituency was facing destruction instead of improvement – I have.  But such irrational behavior is quite common coming out of Washington.   The legislators schemed to destroy it but spent little time to improve it or to offer a logical replacement.  Blackburn, by her wish to destroy Obamacare and to offer nonsensical replacements is helping to kill people.  Let me say it in the most direct way.  Obamacare saves lives – including my own.

Marsha Blackburn

“Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn didn’t get the results she was hoping for in a Twitter poll she posted on Tuesday, posing a question about Obamacare.

The poll asked, “Do you support the repeal of Obamacare? RT if you do, and share what you want to see as the replacement.”

Out of the 8,000 votes cast, nearly 84 percent voted “No,” while only 16 percent voted “yes.”

It’s not clear whether or not everyone who voted in the poll was a Blackburn constituent.”

The article asked whether those voting were her constituents.  I suspect they were.  After all, who would respond else would respond to a Marsha Blackburn poll?  It sounds like a local poll and that means Americans.  All of us.

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