Dangers in Pot Smoking

It’s been quite a year already even without warnings about pot smoking.  When you hear everything else going on in the world it makes you think that it would be nice to light up a dooby* to take your mind off of it all.  Instead, if you light up you not only have the legal hassle but you have the worry that you are holding on to a potential disease making device.

“As various states move towards the legalization of marijuana, doctors are noticing the increase of a particular illness that is associated with regular use of the drug. Emergency rooms have been seeing an influx of patients with the same symptoms – severe abdominal pain and intense vomiting – and this increase is particularly high in certain states that have already legalized the use of marijuana.

While some doctors have been perplexed by these symptoms, the disease does have a name: cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS. The illness is believed to be caused by regular and long-term use of marijuana.

There seems to be a direct correlation between CHS and states that have passed marijuana legalization measures. One study shows that CHS diagnoses nearly doubled at two of Colorado’s hospitals since 2009 – the year that it was decided that Colorado needed a state-regulated medical marijuana distribution system.

CHS was first identified ten years ago, but there is still not much known about the illness. Dr. Kennon Heard explained, “The most likely cause is that people using marijuana frequently and in high doses have changes in the receptors in their body, and those receptors become dysregulated in some way, and it starts causing pain.”

In terms of treatment, doctors have found that the symptoms of CHS are often relieved with hot showers and baths.”  https://www.yahoo.com/beauty/marijuana-related-illness-increases-legalized-211922824.html

Pot Smoking

What a weird disease pot smoking can be.  You get better by taking a shower.  It appears the gods of marijuana are into personal hygiene.



A rolled Marijuana joint

Thats the biggest dooby I ever seen man, where did you get it?

Ur looking at it through a telescope

O…my bad

by Spyke March 20, 2003”



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  1. Mango says:

    Three years ago I met a guy with prostate cancer who’d never used cannabis before. He bought syringes full of RSO (Rick Simpson style cannabis oil) and began aggressively dosing himself. He soon had the emesis problem. We thought it was the flu, but it wouldn’t go away and his doctor figured it out.

    He let me try some of his oil, a rice grain-sized drop of it gave me the strongest stone I’d ever had in my life–of nearly 50 years of cannabis use–but I didn’t get the emesis.

    He switched to using it in suppository form and that seemed to work better for him.

    More than 40 years ago a group of college boys and I sat in a car passing a joint of the strongest herb we’d ever had–weed that became legendary. With us was the 16-year old brother of one of the guys. He had never used before. When we asked if he’d gotten high he cried, “It’s got me!” sounding almost as if he were the victim in a horror movie. Unfortunately for him, we found his plight funny. Later, as we sat around a dorm room, without warning he suddenly rolled over and puked into a wastebasket.

    Those are the only times in 47 years that I’ve ever heard of marijuana causing vomiting

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