EPA’s Role in Climate Change

There is nothing that is as fragile or vital as climate change.  A slight temperature change in the planet, warmer or cooler and we never would have been a slight temperature change in the planet, warmer or cooler and we would never be.  The EPA might not be my favorite agency in terms of efficiency, but in terms of life-saving, its responsibility is A #1.   Trump and others like him (his cabinet for starters) can’t get by their ego that the planet might someday soon have had enough and that will be that for the human race.  It is a rough claim this climate change because to be wrong is to be dead – there are no do-overs.

Denying the scientists at the EPA and of all those scientific institutes I listed last week on a belief or cynicism seems highly stacked against the non-scientists.  For the sake of my children and the not yet children’s children I hope that I am wrong.

“Earth’s temperature depends on the balance between energy entering and leaving the planet’s system. When incoming energy from the sun is absorbed by the Earth system, Earth warms. When the sun’s energy is reflected back into space, Earth avoids warming. When absorbed energy is released back into space, Earth cools. Many factors, both natural and human, can cause changes in Earth’s energy balance, including:

These factors have caused Earth’s climate to change many times.

Scientists have pieced together a record of Earth’s climate, dating back hundreds of thousands of years (and, in some cases, millions or hundreds of millions of years), by analyzing a number of indirect measures of climate such as ice cores, tree rings, glacier lengths, pollen remains, and ocean sediments, and by studying changes in Earth’s orbit around the sun.https://www.epa.gov/climate-change-science/causes-climate-change


“Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he wants the Environmental Protection Agency to be run by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a longtime ally of the oil and gas industry who has led litigation efforts to overturn the EPA’s rules to address climate change.”


“Pruitt has questioned the role of human-made pollution in causing climate change, writing for the National Review this year that the “debate is far from settled.”

The Pruitt announcement was immediately criticized by environmentalists. Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized the nomination of “a climate change denier” who “has worked closely with the fossil fuel industry to make this country more dependent, not less, on fossil fuels.” Robert Verchick, the president of the Center for Progressive Reform, called the pick “a clear indication that the administration plans a full-throated assault on environmental protections.”

The nomination comes on the heels of other industry-friendly staff announcements. Earlier this week, the Trump transition team revealed that a former mining industry lobbyist as well as think tank fellow who denies human-made climate change are among the team members now reshaping the EPA to fit the president-elect’s agenda.

George Sugiyama, one of the new EPA transition team members, was the chief counsel for Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., the lawmaker best known for his claim that climate change is a “hoax” and that scientific research tying greenhouse-gas emissions to the warming planet have been refuted by the Bible. Before working for Inhofe, Sugiyama was paid to lobby on environmental regulations on behalf of the National Mining Association.

David Kreutzer, another hire for the Trump EPA transition, is an economist and think tank official who has been a vocal critic of environmental regulations and climate change science. “Global warming is for real in that we’ve had global warming since the end of the last Ice Age,” he told C-SPAN’s Steve Scully last year.

As a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a group funded by foundations controlled by Koch Industries and other fossil fuel firms, Kreutzer has co-published several papers in which he casts doubt on federal policies aimed to fight climate change. In a paper from April that calls climate change an “unlikely problem,” Kreutzer and his colleagues argued that Obama’s EPA policies were “favoring elites and undermining the fairness of our economic system.”

This year alone he has criticized carbon dioxide caps, solar power, and fuel regulations. His main critique is that they are too costly and give the government too much power. Kreutzer has advocated several times for more domestic oil drilling. In 2008, he recommended in congressional testimony that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be drilled for oil.

During the election, Trump also selected Myron Ebell, an official at the Competitive Enterprise Institute — another think tank that relies on donors such as Devon Energy and Koch Industries — to work on leading the handoff at the EPA. Like his Trump colleagues, Ebell has long campaigned against any type of action to curb greenhouse gas pollution. Though he’s not a scientist, Ebell has made a career out of questioning the science around global warming, working at a fossil fuel industry group formed in 1997 “to dispel the myths of global warming exposing flawed economic, scientific and risk analysis.” He has said that global warming is “nothing to worry about.” https://theintercept.com/2016/12/07/donald-trumps-epa-team-will-be-run-by-fossil-fuel-industry-advocates/

Climate Change

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